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Some suggested reading contributed by our members, who found that the materials helped either them or another bereaved parent. If you would like to contribute a suggestion to include in this page, please get in touch.



Roses In The Air

Jensen Grey

Olivia Caldwell Foundation

Letters To My Son Jason

In Jordan’s Light

Grieving Dads

Dear Orla



An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination: A Memoir
by Elizabeth McCracken
ISBN 9780316027663

Forever Silent Forever Changed : The Loss of a Baby in Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Early Infancy
by Kellie Davis
ISBN 1-931391-57-2

When a Baby Dies : The Experience of Late Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death
by Nancy Kohner and Alix Henley

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart – Surviving the Death of Your Baby
by Deborah L. Davis, PhD
ISBN 1-55591-302-4

Pregnancy After A Loss (A Guide To Pregnancy After A Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Death)
by Carol Cirulli Lanham